Toro 25 - Raw Material

ATP cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers of raw materials by actively participating in the research process, to guarantee a high-performance, reliable product for any application.

"TORO 25" system raw material is " RANDOM COPOLYMER POLYPROPYLENE". Our raw material is produced by Lyondell Basell, one among the most leading companies in the world for the production of plastics and chemicals. This material is highly appreciated among other thermoplastic materials, thanks to its high resistance to heat and mechanical stress.

Polypropylene is a material among the safest because it has a very low migration rate: it does not transmit flavors, chemicals or toxic substances and for this reason it is certified for the conveyance of fluids intended for human consumption. It is non-toxic, hygienically perfect, and safe because it does not corrode, does not splinter or shatter. Polypropylene is environmentally friendly, since it does not produce solid, liquid or gaseous waste, being 100% recyclable.

The PP-R, because of its structural features, is a viable alternative to the use of other materials in civil and industrial applications.