Toro 25 FIBER EvO - PP-R EvO + FIBER GLASS Pipes

TORO 25 FIBER EvO system is a three-layer pipe that can improve and stabilize the mechanical properties of the traditional PPR pipe. The special PP-R EvO blend, reinforced with fiberglass, provides a mechanical stabilization in case of thermal expansion, giving the pipe a coefficient of linear expansion equal to 0.04 mm/m °C.
TORO 25 FIBER EvO system can be used in pipelines for cold/hot water, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and compressed air, to solve design problems related to thermal expansion. Thanks to its compatibility with traditional PPR, it can be easily treated with socket welding, electrofusion and butt welding techniques; therefore, it is compatible with the pipe fittings of the TORO 25 system.

Benefits and advantages
  • Lighweight structure
  • Longevity
  • Corrosion safe
  • Efficiency
  • Versatility

Technical properties
See the table here.