Toro 25 - PPR Fittings

TORO 25 Pipe Fittings range is complete: from diameter 20 to diameter 250 (PN25):
  • PP-R Welding Fittings, available in large diameters (160, 200, 250)
  • PP-R Transition fittings, green colour with metal brass insert 100% Made in Italy
The use of “Saddle Fittings” constitutes a valuable ally for the installer, since it allows obtaining derivations on existing installations in a fast, practical and reliable way: “realizing additional tees on distribution lines”. Branches can easily be made with weld-in saddles, even at a later stage of installation. By using weld-in saddles , material and time is reduced. To perform the saddle welding is essential to use the appropriate matrix, which allows the perfect fusion of the new joint.
TORO 25 Fittings are jointed to Pipes by Socket Welding, Butt Welding and Saddle Welding.
Metal Insert
The metal insert of our fittings is made of certified Italian brass, and it is featured by a special internal and external threating that has been designed to perfectly anchor to the plastic part and ensure therefore the maximum resistance against possible infiltrations and the maximum flexibility to both internal and external mechanical stress. Our Brass Insert has an internal coating, which does not allow liquids getting into contact with metal parts, in order to avoid corrosion processes and to ensure the long life of installations.