Toro 25 - Welding Techniques

TORO 25 pipes and fittings are easy to install; their assembly process does not require any specific technical knowledge or skilled staff, allowing huge savings in time and labor costs.
The most common method for connecting PP-R pipes and fittings is the "polyfusion".
The welding process starts when the pipe's surface is brought to melting temperature. The molecules, which constitute the two pressed parts, intertwine with each other, producing a homogeneous union. This thermo-fusion process gives homogeneous, integral long lasting leak proof joints for life time.
Polyfusion can be carried out through the following welding techniques.

Socket Welding

The most common method for connecting PPR pipes and fittings is the "socket thermo-fusion welding". Socket welding process is possible for the following diameters: 20 up to 160.
The joint is made by simultaneously melting male and female surfaces by means of special manual or automatic heating device (Welder). It is important to know that the welding process does not affect at all the chemical resistance rate of joints and preserves the internal pressure requirements of pipes.
The melting temperature for socket welding must be between 250°C and 270 °C.